Cutting through the complexity of the 21st century finance function

1 August 2014

Whilst the core activities of the accounting process remain identification, measurement and reporting, today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment has meant that the methods of delivery have changed significantly.   Gone are the days of the simple double-entr...


ANALYSIS: Real estate 2020 Building the future

1 August 2014

Ilse French and Pierre de Villiers have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the c... More

The competitive and commercial advantages of using the cloud in business

7 August 2014

Running a business involves time-consuming admin and management tasks that are nonetheless crucial to staying ... More

SA still has some way to go in building the pipeline of future female leaders

1 August 2014

Although South African women are making great strides in the boardroom, corporate South Africa still has more ... More


LIFESTYLE: Travel: On the edge of the world

1 August 2014

Some people say that you don’t need a holiday … you need Cape Town. And we tend to agree, especially if yo... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Broad-based employee share plans

1 August 2014

Ilke Meissner examines the requirements of broad-based employee share plans and their comparison to the propos... More


INFLUENCE: Q & A with Paul Druckman

1 August 2014

In August Paul Druckman will be visiting South Africa for the first time in his capacity as chief executive of... More


LIFESTYLE: Travel: Place of miracles

1 August 2014

A visit to Singita Lebombo Lodge in the Kruger National Park will leave you at a loss for words Singita is ... More

UP-TO-DATE: Keeping you informed of business today

1 August 2014

Is the government failing SMEs? The World Bank conducted a survey of 47 745 businesses across 99 countries ... More



1 August 2014

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12.5” The latest ThinkPad from Lenovo offer full 360 degree rotation for four dif... More


Cover Story: Women who inspire

1 August 2014

It is always inspiring to read about those who have gone beyond themselves to make a difference in the lives o... More

ANALYSIS: The future of life insurance taxation

1 August 2014

The changes to the regulatory measurement of policyholder liabilities pose many uncertainties from a tax persp... More


LEAD: Win with De Krans

1 August 2014

Five readers stand a chance to win a mixed case of wine and port from De Krans De Krans, situated in Calitz... More