July 2014

1 July 2014

Founder and CEO of a leading sports brand, small practice owners, CFOs of leading companies, a CEO, a COO, a partner at Grant Thornton, the local chair of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, founder and CEO of a billion rand company … you might wonder who all these super s...


ANALYSIS: IFRS 15 Revenue recognition will never be the same again

1 July 2014

Gary Berchowitz and Simon Whitehead of PWC discuss the implications of the introduction of IFRS 15, the long-a... More


Special Report – 35-under-35 finalists

1 July 2014

It gives us the greatest honour to announce the names of 35 of the most outstanding young CAs(SA) in South Afr... More


ANALYSIS: How will POPI impact medical schemes?

1 July 2014

Etienne Dreyer and Leanne Mandim investigate the impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act on medic... More

2015-Audi-A3-beauty-exterior-010 copy

LIFESTYLE: Motoring: Audi A3 Sedan 1.8 TFSI & BMW M135i

1 July 2014

Audi A3 Sedan   1.8 TFSI The ever-changing vehicle market has seen a growing number of executives that se... More

Kevin Phillips - MD of idu Software

VIEWPOINT: Fraud management

1 July 2014

“Fraud is a particularly fraught subject, not only is there the loss suffered by the business and the potent... More


ANALYSIS: SAM (Solvency assessment and management) Ready, steady … implement

1 July 2014

Although milestones have moved a number of times, the Solvency Assessment and Management project is nearing th... More


COVER STORY: Dispelling the fear of financial statements

1 July 2014

Entertainer, educator, accountant – Mark Samowitz is helping people to speak the language of business by d... More


Special Report – A brief history of banking

1 July 2014

Johan Scheepers discusses the evolution of banking regulation and the new leverage ratio as an additional tool... More


VIEWPOINT: Limit your options

1 July 2014

“Limit your options (even if you get someone else to do it for you).” My husband and I have a little ga... More

120724 Payne Fam

VIEWPOINT: Sleeping under the stars

1 July 2014

For 2014, as a family, we decided to really give camping a go. Just wanting to do something different. Over th... More


VIEWPOINT: The riches of sports

1 July 2014

“A massive percentage of professional sportsmen go insolvent within five years of their professional retirem... More


ANALYSIS: REIT South African real estate investment trust structure introduced

1 July 2014

At last, a uniform structure for listed property assets, comments Craig Miller on the official introduction of... More