October 2014

1 October 2014

Make an impact Look at the lives of those who you admire … You probably think that they never encountered failure or hardship. Everything just seems perfect. But, if you look a little bit deeper, read their stories or even (if you’re lucky) talk to them, you hear how they ...


ANALYSIS: Real estate 2020 Building the future

1 August 2014

Ilse French and Pierre de Villiers have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the c... More


VIEWPOINT: Sustainability accounting

2 October 2014

“Recent surveys show that companies reporting on their sustainability impacts are outperforming their compet... More


VIEWPOINT: A platform for change

2 October 2014

“Start with an interesting fact or statistic that you can use to introduce your talk.” Most people unde... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Transfer pricing in today’s times Operational transfer pricing

2 October 2014

Christian Wiesener discusses the traditional approach to transfer pricing, which is still relevant and applied... More


VIEWPOINT: Car scams

2 October 2014

“The REAL (car) scam we should be talking about …” It seems that wherever I go lately, I’m either r... More


LEAD: 35-under-35

2 October 2014

Last, but definitely not least! These eleven daring young professionals have not only successfully pursued the... More

Kevin Phillips - MD of idu Software

VIEWPOINT: SMEs into coffee shops

2 October 2014

“POPI: It’s easy to miss the big picture ramifications for small businesses.” The new Protection of P... More


A business banker inspired by entrepreneurs

2 October 2014

Karl Kumbier heads up South Africa’s only niche bank that specialises in financial products and services for... More


ANALYSIS: Mandatory rotation of audit firms

2 October 2014

A new EU directive requiring rotation of auditors elicits a negative reaction in South Africa On 3 April 20... More


UP-TO-DATE: Keeping you informed of business today

2 October 2014

Pick up a book As Albert Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them storie... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Government funds available to small business

2 October 2014

Afzal Khan attempts to address the lack of awareness of some governmental sources of soft capital Small med... More

polo-1 copy,

LIFESTYLE: Motoring: VW Polo 1.2 TSi & Opel Meriva

2 October 2014

VW  Polo 1.2 TSi Manufacturer specifications: Engine 1,2L / Four-cylinder Turbo Power 66 KW ... More