November 2014

4 November 2014

Proudly South African After reading or hearing the daily news, I’m sure the majority of us experience some of the same mixed emotions: Disgust and anger about the rising crime rates, the increase of brutal killings and the apathetic attitudes of criminals when “embarkin...


ANALYSIS: Real estate 2020 Building the future

1 August 2014

Ilse French and Pierre de Villiers have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the c... More

LIFESTYLE: Motoring: Battle of the hot hatches

4 November 2014

VW Golf R and Opel Astra OPC in Battle of the Hot Hatches, Chevrolet Sonic RS and the Subaru WRX Written an... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Investing wisely in a tough economy

4 November 2014

Wealth creation is not only about investing for the highest possible growth; it includes designing a plan that... More


VIEWPOINT: Speaking myths debunked

4 November 2014

“Stage time is an invaluable opportunity to influence other people and to implement change.” When it co... More

Kevin Phillips - MD of idu Software

VIEWPOINT: Management and motivation

4 November 2014

“What motivates the best of teams to come together and perform at crunch time?” Any non-football suppor... More


UP-TO-DATE: Keeping you informed of business today

4 November 2014

South Africa’s top 40 companies listed on the JSE have made good progress in their corporate reporting initi... More

INFLUENCE: The Evolution of Governance

4 November 2014

Firms that are sustainability-minded have an evolutionary edge over those that aren’t, writes Dennis Marketo... More


INFLUENCE: Governing human behaviour is the key to compliance

4 November 2014

Increasing oversight and regulation have placed a greater accountability on organisations that may inadvertent... More

MOTORING REPORT – Fleet management into the future

4 November 2014

It’s all about that data Research shows that technology and big data are enabling new insights into fleet... More


MOTORING REPORT – An industry driven by innovation and early adoption

4 November 2014

The ongoing migration to driver-based fleet management Fleet management, which includes the full ecosystem ... More


VIEWPOINT: Listening 101

4 November 2014

“Effective listening is one of the most important skills leaders need to have.” Every good conversation... More



4 November 2014

Blackberry Passport Blackberry breaks the chocolate bar mould with its new all-square Passport. It’s inno... More