May 2016

10 May 2016

Editor’s letter First impressions The first time you meet a business acquaintance – it could be your new manager, a recent addition to your team, or a potential client. The moment that stranger sees you, his or her brain makes some computations. And these are made ...


ANALYSIS: Auditor focus on ‘other information’

4 February 2016

Ashika Mohan gives an overview of the auditor’s revised responsibilities under international standards to re... More

ANALYSIS: Reflecting on the questions arising from the aftermath

31 May 2016

Through all the noise we sometimes just need some quiet time to truly reflect on the trepidations on our minds... More

ANALYSIS: Changes to the Code of Professional Conduct

10 May 2016

SAICA members, associates and trainees can look forward to the introduction of a new, restructured Code of Pro... More

T Boesch - High Res

VIEWPOINT: Work-life balance

10 May 2016

In today’s society, many women choose to retain their careers after becoming a mother, which can present a c... More

ANALYSIS: recognition and derecognition of land

10 May 2016

The Accounting Standards Board issued a proposed Interpretation of the Standards of GRAP (IGRAP) on Recognitio... More


COVER STORY: Taking a chance on something new

10 May 2016

Two CAs(SA) financed their start-up business, InnoVent, on the strength of a projected break-even within three... More


VIEWPOINT: Retirement reform further changes

10 May 2016

National Treasury announced further changes to the retirement reform on 18 February 2015 shortly before the ef... More

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VIEWPOINT: The big short

10 May 2016

I only got to watch The Big Short this weekend. A great movie that hasn’t left me because maybe I’m trying... More



10 May 2016

Being awarded a spot in the Top 10 is a prestigious achievement. SAICA’s Top 10 consists of candidates who a... More

SPECIAL FEATURE: Financial Services

10 May 2016

It’s about the customer, stupid Great changes shaping investment managers The future of financial rep... More


SPECIAL FEATURE: Global trends

10 May 2016

Main Heading: SPECIAL FEATURE: GLOBAL TRENDS SEO: trends; global trends, future, technology; banking; 20... More

COMMENTARY: Market Commentary

10 May 2016

Finally some positive news ... the rand below R15/$ and the ALSI back above the 50k mark. By Garth Saunders ... More