September 2014

1 September 2014

Enough is enough Last year social media networks were swamped when a US court found a teenager not guilty after he was driving under the influence and caused the death of four people. The judge accepted his defence: that he suffered from “affluenza” (his affluent parents h...


ANALYSIS: Real estate 2020 Building the future

1 August 2014

Ilse French and Pierre de Villiers have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the c... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Public sector performance management and reporting

1 September 2014

Does a “clean audit” mean everything is fine? Alexi Colyvas has this to say In recent years there has b... More


UP-TO-DATE: Keeping you informed of business today

1 September 2014

Interest on unliquidated debts Interest often has a material effect on the amount owed by a debtor. This is... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Post-implementation of Grap 16

1 September 2014

Jeanine Poggiolini analyses the results of the ASB’s recent post-implementation of GRAP 16 Investment proper... More


LEAD: 35-under-35

1 September 2014

They say the roughest roads often lead to the top. In the profiles of twelve Top 35-under-35 finalists below, ... More


ANALYSIS: Time to ditch your CC for a company?

1 September 2014

Ewald van Heerden discusses the differences between the Companies Act and the Close Corporations Act and weigh... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Audit readiness in the public sector

1 September 2014

Audits can be intimidating, but adequate planning can help eliminate audit surprises, say Justin Diedericks an... More

Brett BW

VIEWPOINT: Change behaviour for the better

1 September 2014

“All humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to seek hope and avoid fear, and finally to seek ... More


SPECIAL REPORT: Corruption incident management in the public sector

1 September 2014

Effective pre-planning and structured corruption incident response is essential to achieving a satisfactory an... More


Cover Story: Developing sustainable solutions for the public sector

1 September 2014

Nazeer Essop, the public sector leader for Deloitte Southern Africa and an audit partner, believes in the powe... More

Kevin Phillips - MD of idu Software

VIEWPOINT: Superhero or supervillain?

1 September 2014

“With great power comes great responsibility. Part of being a good leader is the ability to work with others... More



1 September 2014

Garmin Dash Cam Dash Cam is a high-definition camera that mounts to any vehicle’s windscreen. It continuo... More