Getting a mid-sized business ready for sale

12 April 2017

Morgan Jones, Principal in the Corporate Finance team at Bravura, an independent investment banking firm specialising in corporate finance and structured solutions, outlines the imperative of exit strategy planning for owner-operators. One of the biggest challenges for owner-operator companies is when and how to introduce some form of exit or succession planning. Successful companies will first and foremost focus on their product and service offerings, expanding the custo...More

Effects of the 2017/2018 Budget on Individuals

5 April 2017

Background The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, presented the National Budget for the 2017/2018 financial year on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. The Budget brought about both burden and relief in the form of adjustments to various tax tables for individuals. For example, the Budget increased the minimum taxable bracket for individuals earning from R0 to R188 000 to R0 ‒ R189 880. This means that an individual earning a taxable income not exceeding R189 880 per year will ...More

S&P decided to downgrade SA’s international credit rating to below investment grade and decided to retain the negative outlook

4 April 2017

On 3 April 2017, Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services decided to cut South Africa’s international credit rating from BBB- to BB+. A rating of BB+ is considered below investment grade (sometimes referred to as “junk status”). Unfortunately, the negative ratings outlook was also retained, suggesting that S&P could revise the country’s credit rating lower at year-end should the fiscal parameters deteriorate significantly. As recently as 2 December 2016 S&P had confirmed Sou...More

Cabinet Reshuffle: how it impacts you

3 April 2017

By Mokgatla Madisha, Head of Fixed Interest at Sanlam Investment Management “Don’t get distracted, focus on the fundamentals”, says Mokgatla Madisha, Head of Fixed Interest at Sanlam Investment Management. The political situation in South Africa has been fluid for quite some time so the events of last week are not all that surprising. They serve merely to distract government and business from focusing on the real issues we need to solve if South African is to deliver the...More

FEATURE: CAs(SA) pass final qualification hurdle

31 March 2017

In November 2016, 2 529 aspiring CAs(SA) nervously sat for their final professional examination, the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). Now SAICA can announce that 89% (2 247) of these candidates passed The CA(SA) journey is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a minimum of seven years to complete and those who begin the journey need talent, diligence and commitment to come out on the other side with this qualification in hand. Today, this is precisely what the 2 247 a...More

MOTORING: A dark, edgy lifestyle statement

31 March 2017

Rolls-Royce Sandton recently launched the Rolls-Royce Black Badge in South Africa. This new series comes in Ghost and Wraith only, and what more fitting place to launch the cars than the newly revamped Kyalami race track ‘Black Badge is an attitude to life, an aspect of the Rolls-Royce brand that appeals to those people who are elusive and defiant, the risk takers and disruptors who break the rules and laugh in the face of convention. They are driven by a restless spirit. The...More


31 March 2017

Part II of the ‘reasonable informed third party’ (RITP) essay deals with the definition of the parts of the RITP concept and the function. RITP will be defined anew when a new IESBA Code will be issued and that will be dealt with in a further article on this matter While the concept of reasonable person seems clear and understood in law, this is not so clear in terms of the Code. The lack of a definition is not helpful and PAs have to develop their own thinking to fill the ...More