Finally, Facebook for Accountants!

Finally, Facebook for Accountants!     No, not really, although one would think that some IT people might think it would have been a good idea … For obvious reasons, one being that accountants are often depicted as little spectacled men in grey suits, not capable of maintaining a conversation … MORE

ANALYSIS: Growing demand for Agreed-upon procedures engagements

Increased audit exemption thresholds internationally have prompted stakeholders to look for alternative services to an audit. This article explores the growing use of agreed-upon procedure (AUP) engagements as a means of filling the gap As financial reporting and other forms of external reporting have evolved, there has been recognition that … MORE


Chartered accountants’ daily job entails working with numbers and finances in its many forms, for example auditing and analysing financial records, financial reporting, taxation, and so much more. As financial professionals, we also offer financial advice to big corporate companies – however, we seldom get proper financial advice when it … MORE