Chartered accountants’ daily job entails working with numbers and finances in its many forms, for example auditing and analysing financial records, financial reporting, taxation, and so much more. As financial professionals, we also offer financial advice to big corporate companies – however, we seldom get proper financial advice when it … MORE

VIEWPOINT: The Modified Flow-through Principle: Beware of getting it wrong!

The Modified Flow-through Principle is a special provision in statement 100 paragraph of the B-BBEE codes that reads: ‘Where in the chain of Ownership, Black People have a flow-through level of participation of at least 51%, and then only once in the entire ownership structure of the Measured Entity, … MORE

FEATURE: Where will our energy come from in 2030 and how green will it be?

How can the energy industry adapt to meet the needs of a growing population while supporting low-carbon growth? Katherine Hamilton says that this essential transition will not happen without collaboration between large energy companies, entrepreneurs, the finance sector and consumers Why should we be thinking about the future of energy? … MORE