These seven incredible ladies are all leaders in their own right who are striving to help our country become a better place in their own authentic way. Not all of them were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths – some even had to deal with the tragic … MORE

FOCUS: Leading in an International Career

Jean Stephens is CEO of RSM – a global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms with offices in 120 countries. Jean was born and studied in the US and is a certified public accountant with a Master’s in Finance. She shares her journey with us My journey as … MORE

LEAD: Top 35-under-35: FINALISTS

Beyond phenomenal These are the game-changers, the out of the ordinary under 35 CAs(SA) for 2017 DYLAN WUTH (35), DIRECTOR OF IKHWEZI FOODS T/A TRADESTAR Describe yourself in a few words.  I live life to the fullest. Your favourite hobby? Deep sea kayak fishing. The greatest lesson learnt in your … MORE

FEATURE: The challenge of business partnerships

Many professionals, including accountants, doctors, lawyers and engineers, form partnerships as a way of organising their professional services. Research shows that many of these partnerships fail. This article suggests that mediation may offer a mechanism to assist partners both to foresee challenges to their relationship and offer a way forward … MORE