July 2017

3 July 2017

Why good leaders make you feel safe I recently listened to a Simon Sinek TED video in which he talks about what makes a good leader. He says it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staff into a circle of trust. But creating trust, cooperation and safet...

ANALYSIS: Auditor focus on ‘other information’

4 February 2016

Ashika Mohan gives an overview of the auditor’s revised responsibilities under international standards to re... More


5 July 2017

These are the game-changers, the out of the ordinary under 35 CAs(SA) for 2017. Out of hundreds of entries, th... More

FOCUS: Management Excellence

3 July 2017

Why effective leaders must manage up, down and sideways 9 Ways to up your game and multiply your earni... More

FEATURE: Hedge funds the characteristics of success

3 July 2017

The adaptability of the hedge fund industry is one of its key strengths and in a world of increased regulation... More

ANALYSIS: The Significance of the Paris Agreement

3 July 2017

South Africa’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change will require collaboration between govern... More

ANALYSIS: IAASB in SA Update on Enhancing Audit Quality Projects

3 July 2017

SAICA recently hosted representatives from the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) an... More

MOTORING: BMW 440i Coupé

3 July 2017

BMW recently refreshed its line-up of the 4 Series and introduced some name changes as well. The 440i test veh... More

FEATURE: The challenge of business partnerships

3 July 2017

Many professionals, including accountants, doctors, lawyers and engineers, form partnerships as a way of organ... More

FEATURE: Mentor people who aren’t like You

3 July 2017

Mentoring across demographic lines extends the organisation's talent pipeline and increases leaders' social an... More

VIEWPOINT: Commitment to excellence

3 July 2017

I remember that when I was a manager, I once drafted a two-page report on findings of a small assignment. The ... More

VIEWPOINT: TV and radio interview tips

3 July 2017

Your moment has arrived and you’ve been invited as an expert guest onfor television or radio. Below is a lis... More

VIEWPOINT: Debilitating inflation

3 July 2017

In the May 2017 issue of ASA, I wrote an article on the power of compounding, the inspiration for this being m... More