Finally, Facebook for Accountants!

2 June 2017

Finally, Facebook for Accountants!     No, not really, although one would think that some IT people might think it would have been a good idea … For obvious reasons, one being that accountants are often depicted as little spectacled men in grey suits, not capable of maintaining a conversation about issues outside their field ‒ but thinking in numbers! The fact that an idea that originated in 1978, of spreadsheets utilising A1 notation in formulas, i...More

ANALYSIS: Growing demand for Agreed-upon procedures engagements

1 June 2017

Increased audit exemption thresholds internationally have prompted stakeholders to look for alternative services to an audit. This article explores the growing use of agreed-upon procedure (AUP) engagements as a means of filling the gap As financial reporting and other forms of external reporting have evolved, there has been recognition that users’ needs for enhanced credibility over certain identified subject matters and subject matter information could be met by different t...More


1 June 2017

A parable is a story often employed in biblical texts and is used to illustrate a moral lesson. One that struck me recently is about three talents, which I have adapted into a scenario below. Imagine a business owner who calls in three managers, all of whom are all at different levels. He presents the first manager with R5 million, the second with R3 million and the third with R1 million, telling them that he’s taking a break from the business and will be back in a year’s t...More

PROFILE: PwC’s journey to integrated reporting

1 June 2017

PwC South Africa has released its integrated report for 2016. It has been clear for some time that neither financial reporting nor sustainability reporting is sufficient on their own to describe the value created by an organisation. For these reasons, King IV advocates the concept of integrated thinking, of which an integrated report is the end result This is PwC’s first integrated report, in what will be an annual publication. At PwC, values such as integrity, transparency, ...More


1 June 2017

The South African tax system is based on a progressive system when taxing individuals. The Finance Minister announced a new tax bracket in the 2017 budget for taxing individuals that earn in excess of R1 500 000 per annum taxable income, taking the maximum marginal rate of tax up to 45%. This new tax bracket is applicable for the period 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018. The budget revenue trends and tax policy confirm that 103 353 individual taxpayers will be affected by this i...More


1 June 2017

For as long as I can remember the Jeep brand has been synonymous with 4x4. In the early days the brand was built on a go-anywhere military vehicle. Fast forward to today, and even though the focus has changed from military to recreational, the go-anywhere philosophy has not changed. The Jeep Renegade is interesting as its design was inspired by the original Willy’s MB Jeep. This can be seen from the short front overhang with the squared front grill incorporating round headlig...More

PROFILE: Equipping exceptional young leaders

1 June 2017

Project Siyakhula is a Deloitte-sponsored initiative that invests time to mentor and motivate students. It tutors Mathematics and Accounting to Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners from schools in Ivory Park. The word Siyakhula is derived from the isiZulu word meaning ‘we are growing’ and, boy oh boy, has it grown! Veryl Mulder interviewed three top achievers pursuing a career as a CA(SA) The learners are bussed to Wendywood High School in Woodmead twice a month on a Saturday. Trai...More