ANALYSIS: Update on IAASB: Project Revisions to Quality Control for Firms

In September 2017, Karin French, Chair of the Quality Control Task Force (Task Force), presented a webinar which provided an overview of the proposals that the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) are considering in relation to the IAASB Project: Revisions to Quality Control for Firms. This is a … MORE

VIEWPOINT: Sustain business by sustaining society

Today, global society demands that organisations do well by doing good – make profits while sustaining society. It’s an expectation driven by global financial crises, savvy millennials, the effect of digital technologies on freeing the flow of information and more. Today’s healthcare insurers have a powerful social role to play. … MORE

Focus of the Month: Sustainability

Importance of foresight Capital evolution SAICA’s new Health and Wellness  Advisory group Accountants to save the world Integrated Reporting Project Awards Importance of foresight With a multitude of research available on the importance of long-term business planning, most organisations still focus on short-term targets even during times of zero economic … MORE