VIEWPOINT: Commitment to excellence

I remember that when I was a manager, I once drafted a two-page report on findings of a small assignment. The client was relatively small, with a very tight budget. I was an inexperienced manager at the time. After drafting the report, the director made some corrections to my report. … MORE

VIEWPOINT: TV and radio interview tips

Your moment has arrived and you’ve been invited as an expert guest onfor television or radio. Below is a list of tips to help you uplift your brand and spread your message. Common to both radio and television interviews Relax and focus on having a conversation with your interviewer. Forget … MORE

VIEWPOINT: Debilitating inflation

In the May 2017 issue of ASA, I wrote an article on the power of compounding, the inspiration for this being my recent exposure to retirement modelling. As mentioned, those models are wrought with assumptions, and one of those assumptions is inflation. The importance in understanding inflation and its debilitating … MORE