VIEWPOINT: Sustain business by sustaining society

Today, global society demands that organisations do well by doing good – make profits while sustaining society. It’s an expectation driven by global financial crises, savvy millennials, the effect of digital technologies on freeing the flow of information and more. Today’s healthcare insurers have a powerful social role to play. … MORE

SA’s banks are finding new ways to stay relevant in the market

South Africa’s banking industry is rapidly evolving in response to regulatory changes, economic pressures, technological advances and innovation in digital. “The evolution of technology and increased customer expectations combined with the emergence of disruptive competitors, is placing significant pressure on the banking industry to implement new strategies to remain relevant … MORE

Opinion piece: Is cybercrime costing banks more than money?

By Sanjay Vaid, Director of Cyber Security and Risk at Wipro Limited 7 November 2017 Banking has changed vastly over the past few years, as new technologies emerge to change the way we transact. Non-traditional methods of transacting, such as the blockchain and mobile banking, have emerged, causing an influx … MORE