ANALYSIS: Update on IAASB: Project Revisions to Quality Control for Firms

In September 2017, Karin French, Chair of the Quality Control Task Force (Task Force), presented a webinar which provided an overview of the proposals that the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) are considering in relation to the IAASB Project: Revisions to Quality Control for Firms. This is a … MORE

SA’s banks are finding new ways to stay relevant in the market

South Africa’s banking industry is rapidly evolving in response to regulatory changes, economic pressures, technological advances and innovation in digital. “The evolution of technology and increased customer expectations combined with the emergence of disruptive competitors, is placing significant pressure on the banking industry to implement new strategies to remain relevant … MORE

Opinion piece: Is cybercrime costing banks more than money?

By Sanjay Vaid, Director of Cyber Security and Risk at Wipro Limited 7 November 2017 Banking has changed vastly over the past few years, as new technologies emerge to change the way we transact. Non-traditional methods of transacting, such as the blockchain and mobile banking, have emerged, causing an influx … MORE


Too often, cyber security is considered to be exclusively the domain of information technology (IT) and cyber security specialists. This is unfortunate, as we are progressing towards a future where an interdisciplinary approach will be crucial to deal with complex systems and their systemic fragilities, where cause and effect are … MORE


In this article, we review the two routes available to qualifying small enterprises that want to achieve B-BBEE compliance. We also discuss the incentives for opting to become compliant as soon as possible A Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) is, generally, a company with an annual turnover between R10 million and … MORE

Part 3 – Considerations when selecting an equity partner

When a company’s strategic focus turns to equity raising, it is critical for the company to determine what type of investor will best support the company’s strategic imperatives over the long term.  Robert Peché, Corporate Finance Associate at Bravura, an independent investment banking firm specialising in corporate finance and structured … MORE

Part 2 – The implications of raising capital through equity funding

Many businesses require additional capital to grow the business or to facilitate the exit of an existing shareholder or partner.  Some of these businesses do not qualify to obtain funding from a bank, or the balance sheet cannot afford additional loan funding.  In other instances, equity funding may be preferred … MORE

Part 1 – The benefits of bank debt and mezzanine funding when raising strategic capital

Making money in a business does not only depend on profit margins, growth in turnover and growing market share.  The manner in which the business is financed can also have a substantial impact on the shareholder returns generated by the business. It will serve any business to have a strategic … MORE

Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the true potential of this revolutionary force

By Ankur Prakash, Vice President, New Growth and Emerging Markets, Wipro Limited 30 October 2017 As we race towards an uncertain future, one thing’s for sure: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. We cannot know exactly how it will reshape our work, our businesses, and our lives in general, but … MORE