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August 2009

FROM THE PEN BEE all you can BEE I’m sure you know at least one person who has held the view that Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)...

July 2009

FROM THE PEN Generation Y breaks from the herd It is widely acknowledged that generation Y is making huge waves professionally. It is the most abundant...

June 2009

FROM THE PEN Sink or swim: surviving the crisis It has happened before. In Spain in the 15th century after it discovered silver in South America...

May 2009

FROM THE PEN A twofold attitude of gratitude As many of my counterparts across the globe would recognise, putting together a monthly journal is no small...

April 2009

FROM THE PEN Results and predictions In The Economist’s ‘The World in 2009’ issue, they make, as per the norm, a number of predictions are madethat...

March 2009

FROM THE PEN Risky Business There are surely many who would argue that the one factor that triggered the current financial crisis we’re facing is greed....

February 2009

FROM THE PEN Exodus revisited... The new year has started with quite a resurgence of obligations, especially amongst our world leaders. US President Obama is committed...


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