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July 2011

From the pen - Leadership Earlier this year when the McDonald’s Corporation announced the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa as Developmental Licensee (DL), responsible for the...

June 2011

From the pen Investments In this issue we deal with the question of investments. How it can potentially grow our economy and how to define...

May 2011

The Economy Over the past few months, all across the world, we’ve seen the beginning of instability in almost every aspect of our political, social...

April 2011

From scorekeeper to visionary Everyone agrees, today’s deal-makers are once again focused on growth. And while growth strategies for both business and economies must surely...

March 2011

Visionary Leadership At a recent AU meeting, French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, warned that the world needs to take a different look at leadership today. “In...

February 2011

Shifting Mindsets on our continent I was stunned to find leading foreign affairs and social commentators entangled in a twitter war of views on the...


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