SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].







VIEWPOINT: Account ability

South Africa’s political punditry issues frequent calls for greater accountability on the part of our politicians and state. But they hardly any ever stop to make the obvious connection: before there can be accountability, there must be accounting. In his wonderful book The Reckoning, historian Jacob Soll shows how accounting has shaped kingdoms, empires and…

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VIEWPOINT: How expensive is retirement?

When you’re calculating how much capital you need to retire on, take care because the assumptions we use for post-retirement costs may be much different to your current pre-retirement costs. Your basket of goods changes and research in the US has shown that inflation for retirees over the past three decades has been higher than…

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SPECIAL REPORT: The rise of integrated assurance

What is integrated reporting assurance all about? By Mark Hoffman Following the gathering momentum behind the integrated reporting initiative, it was not long before the debate regarding how to go about obtaining the necessary assurance over integrated reporting ensued. The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in August 2014 released an insightful discussion paper entitled “Assurance…

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LEAD: The New High Performance Manager

Management as an art, not a science, particularly in today’s dynamic workplace, writes Anthia Falekkos One of the many definitions of a manager is a “person who is responsible for controlling and administrating an organisation or group of staff”. This definition in the current workplace and economy describes a role that is redundant. The new…

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LEAD: Profile: Proud educator of CAs(SA)

Professor Akbar Bootha’s fulfilling career includes lecturing young people from less advantaged backgrounds, but his own children are also making their mark in the accountancy profession. Lynn Grala spoke to him Picture for a moment young boys or girls living in a rural community under the most difficult circumstances imaginable – on the one hand…

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ANALYSIS: Tightening the screws

IF PASSED, AMENDMENTS TO THE REPORTABLE ARRANGEMENT PROVISIONS WILL HAVE RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT FROM 16 JULY 2014 AND FAILURE TO REPORT COULD INCUR A HEFTY FINE, WRITES DAN FOSTER The reportable arrangement (RA) provisions are under renewed focus since the issue of a draft notice of reportable and excluded transactions and the publication of proposed amendments…

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