SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].







Travel: An Isolation Staycation

‘The times they are a-changin’ … and with lockdown they surely have! If you’re tired of lockdown, have reached saturation point with home-based isolation and have been nostalgically dreaming of travelling again, then you should be looking for an alternative area to isolate where you can take a fun and relaxing time-out breather from lockdown.…

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Meghan Shields: The most incredible way to empower all people is through education

The biggest challenge Meghan Shields had to overcome as a woman in a leadership role has been the limiting belief that women put on themselves − the subconscious feeling of being inherently incapable of achieving success in a leadership role. Meghan Shields, head of operations at VAT IT, says two major points greatly impacted the…

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Itu Barnard : Be the change you want to see

Itu Barnard flaunts many hats. She is a director and founder of Browned Skyn (Pty), a company that imports raw materials from Ghana for use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, since the lockdown came into effect, this has changed to procuring PPE for humanitarian purposes in collaboration with other black-owned businesses. But she hopes to…

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Zero-Based Budgeting: A practical understanding

South Africa’s uncertain future is motivating private and public sector managers to take a closer look at costs. An old idea from the 1970s has re-emerged right on cue. Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) asks managers to question each line-item in their budgets, and the related activity, from scratch. ZBB supporters dispute the merits of traditional budgeting,…

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