SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].






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Top 35-under-35 2020: Scott Needham

Head of Alternative Investments, AlphaWealth Inversion: Thinking like a billionaire Charlie Munger, vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has a tip for success which is sometimes referred to as billionaire thinking. This is epitomised by Charlie’s quote ‘It is not brilliance that makes Berkshire Hathaway succeed, but rather consistently avoiding stupidity.’ Simply called ‘inversion’, it is a…

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ArticlesCA(SA) Profiles

Top 35-under-35 2020: Tramayne Monaghan

Chief Innovation Officer: Tencent Africa On leadership ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: “What are you doing for others?”’ − Dr Martin Luther King Jr. What exactly is leadership? Many papers have been written about this over the years. Most are uninteresting, very few are insightful. Descriptions include the terms ‘leading other subordinates’ and…

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Time for a tech upgrade?

By now, you have probably settled into the new COVID-defined workplace: your team works from everywhere, you have traded face-to-face client meetings for Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls, and you are more comfortable using cloud technology than you might have been six months ago. If you are still adapting and updating your technology, there are…

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Stakeholder value: A lever for social change

An understanding of how value and its interpretation ultimately affects humanity is needed – a poignant lesson that corporate governance attempts at teaching us. On the 20th anniversary of the LeisureNet collapse and subsequent revisions in corporate governance and legislation protecting whistle-blowers, South African stakeholders are regrettably still experiencing losses at the hands of unscrupulous…

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