SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].

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New technologies ease SA into a low-carbon future

By Alessandra Pardini, a Partner at Webber Wentzel Power shortages and a transition to a lower-carbon future, in line with SA’s Paris Agreement commitments, will require the country to harness new technologies. Energy storage, which will be a critical element of a modern power system, offers potential for local industrialisation and job creation. South Africans,…

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Act swiftly or staff will pocket the money

IT hardware has an estimated residual value of around 10%, this means South Africa’s largest companies could be receiving up to R4-million at the end of a 3-year depreciation cycle. If CIOs don’t act swiftly to recover residual value from their redundant IT equipment, staff will pocket the money. This is according to Xperien CEO…

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How maternity leave and parental leave structuring impacts your salary

Authored by: Muhammed Goolab, Executive Committee Member of the South African Rewards Association  Despite years of progress and an increased awareness surrounding gender equity in the workplace and society in general, women bare a disproportionate responsibility when it comes to childcare. This, combined with social expectations and gender stereotypes, are seen to place women at…

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*Sponsored Content* From bean counting to boardroom strategy – 3 benefits of moving to an ERP system

Is your data delivering information or is it just data? By Lyall O’Carroll, of Seidor Bluekey Each year, the SME Survey is released by SME Survey (Pty) Ltd. In 2018, the survey focused on accounting functions and the future role of accountants. Conducted among 1,400 SME decision makers, data showed that despite SMEs being traditionally…

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder to CFO

After qualifying the long way as some would say, Damian Judge pursued the gruelling ‘part-time studying, full-time working’ route to become a CA(SA). He worked his way to financial director for two companies, Advanced Polymers in Johannesburg and Kaytech in Durban. When moving into commerce, Damian admits Advanced Polymers took a chance on a young…

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Motivating your most creative employees

In any team or organisation, some individuals are consistently more likely to come up with ideas that are both novel and useful. These ideas are the seeds of innovation: the intellectual foundation for any new products and services that enable some organisations to gain a competitive advantage over others. However, organisations are often unable to…

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Internet tools and platforms are making it easier for female entrepreneurs to get businesses off the ground

By Selina Bieber, Regional Director for Turkey and MENA at GoDaddy EMEA Entrepreneurship and female empowerment are two powerful potential catalysts for economic growth in South Africa. Bring them together in the form of higher rates of female entrepreneurship, and you have the potential to contribute to a significant increase in GDP and jobs over…

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Cover Story: Three CAs(SA) Scale Up Entrepreneurs To Triumph

We all know South Africa needs more entrepreneurs to ignite our economy and job creation, but access to finance is a major stumbling block to business success. Louw Barnardt, Dana Pretorius and Jacques Le Grange, founders of Outsourced CFO (OCFO), at just 30 years old have helped entrepreneurs raise over half a billion rand. And…

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APC: Lower pass rate confirms how tough CA(SA) qualification standards are

The results of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) – the final hurdle in the seven-year (minimum) chartered accountancy qualification journey – recently released yielded critical insight into the quality of newly qualified CAs(SA) being produced for business. While the results reflect a decline in the pass rate, which stands at 68% for the 2018…

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