SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].






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Disciplinary Committee Rulings in terms of SAICA By-law – January to May 2019

Only matters where the Disciplinary Committee has ordered either general or specific publication or alternatively where the Disciplinary Committee has made a Ruling in terms of By-law 30.2 1. Matter One 1.1 The Disciplinary Committee found the member guilty of: 1.1.1 An offence in terms of By-law 34.12 , comprising: “conducting himself….in a manner which,…

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SOE boards: It matters who gets appointed and how they get appointed

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, during his address at The Directors Event in Sandton, highlighted the issue of board and other leadership appointments in the public sector.  “I think we should begin to think about tests that people must be subjected to before they can be elevated to positions of high responsibility,” he said. “It is…

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Do accountants need help with their own financial planning?

The demanding nature of the CA profession means that time is often a commodity. While the pressurised environment can start from as early as undergraduate level, this does pay off, with CAs earning an average salary of close to R500 000 pa once fully qualified. However, full-earning potential is only realised later in life, which can…

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Ramaphosa’s success plan for SA’s business and government sectors

Authored by: Marisa Jacobs, Director at Xpatweb President Cyril Ramaphosa shared an optimistic lookout on the future for the Business and Government sectors within South Africa, at his State of Nation Address (SONA) on 20 June 2019. During the address, President Ramaphosa continuously encouraged Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) confirming that they continue to build a…

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ITC Results: Transformation initiatives are paying off

Despite chartered accountancy being one of those fields that faces a critical skills shortage, the Department of Higher Education and Training’s Top 100 scarcest skills in the country notes that there continues to be a shortage of chartered accountants entering the profession. Moreover, 70% of those in the chartered accountancy profession are white. With the…

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ASA: July 2019 Issue

Read the magazine here now Download the magazine in PDF here now Editorial The power within us The need for good and ethical leaders has never been greater than now. Locally and internationally, there’s a leadership crisis. No two leaders are the same, as they manage and lead in different ways, but at the forefront…

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Cover Story – Leading from the heart

From managing a large retirement fund to ensuring safer skies in the country, Thomas Kgokolo, interim CEO of Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS), is passionate about creating a positive impact in corporate South Africa through good governance and sustainable leadership. Read the full article here. Watch the video interview below:

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