SAICA offers three reputable professional accounting and business designations from a foundational to a strategic level of accounting and business competence –

Accounting Technician [AT(SA)], Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)] and Chartered Accountant [CA(SA)].







Digital Age Demands Remerging Leadership

Leadership Advisor BRETT TROMP CA(SA) CFO of Discovery Health What sort of leadership does the digital age demand? In a techdriven world, fast-paced change and ambiguity are the only certainty. Successful leaders are comfortable following a direction over a destination and give those they lead the same confidence. Are you ready for ‘Leadership 4.0’?

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The Death of Accounting

Blockchain SpecialistMONICA SINGER CA(SA)Blockchain Evangelist for ConsenSys The field of accounting owes almost its entire existence to the creation of double-entry bookkeeping. It is believed that the double-entry system was invented by medieval merchants in the Middle East. From there it was popularised by the major trading families of the Italian citystates of Florence, Genoa,…

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Advice: Better Decisions are Vision-Inspired

Leadership and Success Strategist: USHA MAHARAJ CA(SA)Brain-based Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and HR Consultant Decisions are like the steering wheel of a car which can only travel in the direction it is steered. Every decision made either takes you closer to or further away from your destination. But how can you increase your ability to make…

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Cryptocurrency and South Africa’s Financial Future

Almost half of richer, digitally-savvy South Africans want to buy cryptocurrencies, according to new research from Business Insider. But are they a flash in the pan – or the future of finance? Cryptocurrencies are a subset of digital currencies which the Bank for International Settlements describes simply as assets represented in digital form. PayPal and…

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What does the future hold for Cryptocurrencies?

On 22 May 2010, a programmer bought two large pizzas for 10 000 bitcoins, worth about $30 at the time. Exactly eight years later, those bitcoins were worth $82 million. They’ve come a long way. Cryptocurrencies are no longer the inaccessible trading grounds of tech-insiders; they offer real investment possibilities to real people – provided…

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Empowering Others to Greatness

People always remember the way they feel, and anchoring this positive narrative amplifies the personal development journey,’ says Paolo. How did your career lead to being an organisationdevelopment consultant?I was always helping friends as a youngster. The development orientation was fundamentally me. Three months into my training contract I was told to lead some technical…

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CAs(SA) Driving Business Success

Through Ethics and Compliance: The Uber Case Study Tech-driven disruption is radically transforming industries at a startling pace. Uber stands out as one of the most spectacular examples of this disruption, in which the application of new technology revolutionised the transport industry. Underlying Uber’s stellar success are cultural norms that reflect ethical behaviour and public…

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South African Fintech in 2019 – What can we expect?

Here are my fintech predictions for 2019 based on what we are seeing with our members at AlphaCode, which closely tracks international trends in this space. DIGITAL BANKSThe introduction of TymeBank, BankZero and Discovery Bank will no doubt shake up the industry and give customers greater choice. It will also force the incumbent banks to…

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South Africa’s Ethical Dilemma

Even the auditing profession with its stringent independence and ethical requirements taught as part of the curriculum at university is now being dragged into the debacle. Earlier this year, the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), exposed several auditors who were accused of consistently contravening its professional standards and the law.

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