Social media is changing the way we work, offering a new approach to engage with our stakeholders, colleagues, and the world at large. We believe this kind of interaction can help you to build stronger, more successful business relationships and help us to know what our stakeholders think about our work. And it’s a way for us to engage with you and take part in global conversations related to the work we are doing at SAICA.

These are the official guidelines for participating in social media platforms for SAICA.


What to do:

a) Be polite and respectful in all interactions with the community on a Facebook page, Twitter Account, Youtube Channel or LinkedIn Group.
b)Respect the Copyright of others. Upload content which you have created. If you are sharing content, ensure that you credit the source at all times.
c) Ensure that you have moderated your content before uploading. If the quality is poor or needs to be restricted due to profanity, explicit imagery or prejudicial speech, your content will be removed by our administrators.
d) Connect well with others and create conversation.

What not to do:

a) Do not elicit information both public and personal from community members on social profiles.
b) If you are a recruiter, do not use SAICA social profiles to advertise jobs, recruit individuals in the public space or sell advertising.
c) Do not advertise your business, product, events or seminars via SAICA social profiles unless you have been granted express permission by SAICA’ s Online Editor to do so

For further information and to connect with SAICA’s social profiles, kindly contact