Please complete the nomination form below.  Try and be as descriptive as possible, even if you haven’t figured out what the award name is going to be, write a short description of what the award is and what the story behind it is.

Please select one name per nomination.

You can nominate the same person for various awards, we need at least one award nomination for each member of the team, two would be great.  You can nominate anyone in the team.

The awards will be anonymous, so this gives you some creative freedom without putting your name on it (you may come clean at the team year-end function should you want to). Be sharp, but be nice.

The award nominations will go directly to Liézel once you’ve submitted it, so if you have any questions, please chat directly to her.  There will be some design work for each team member’s award, so please can we have all nominations in by Friday, 29 November.

Here are a few award examples to get you thinking:

The Alice in Wonderland Award

For always managing to be late to every meeting

The Pirate Queen of the Sea Award

For being the office supplier of pirate movies and tv shows with the tagline “you didn’t get it from me”

The most likely to give you a ride home from jail Award

For always being the one to help people out when they need a lift and never asking questions about it.

The Gold Spray painted brush Award

For always complaining about the state of the office bathrooms


The judges vote will be final!


Keep it fun and light.  You know your co-workers best, so let’s hear from you.  The awards will be handed out at the division year end lunch to be held on the 11th of December 2019.