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NWK announces Pieter Kleingeld CA(SA) as new CFO


Another key position in the new executive management team of NWK was filled with the appointment of Pieter Kleingeld (42) as chief financial officer. He joined NWK as group manager: Asset Management and Risk Services in 2015 and will take up the reigns of the new position from 1 November this year.

As a chartered accountant, Kleingeld’s professional exposure to internal audit and risk management in the agricultural sector stretches over 23 years. In his 14-year career at PricewaterhouseCoopers as senior manager, he also gained experience in the strategic and operational positioning of information technology.

Senwes employed him as senior financial and business analyst in 2012, after which he was promoted to group risk manager in 2013. He joined the NWK team in 2015.

Pieter is married to Marzaan and they have a son and a daughter.

Source: https://agriorbit.com/