Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu is currently the Chairman of KPMG South Africa. He has held the following titles, Chancellor of the University of Pretoria, formerly the Principal and vice-Chancellor of the University of Transkei (1987 – 1991), Chairman of DBSA (1995 – 2000), Economic Advisor to former President Thabo Mbeki, Executive Secretary of NEPAD (2000 – 2006)

He has served as President of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) for two terms. Professor Wiseman is also a Trustee of the IFRS Foundation – overseeing the development of Accounting standards (2013 – 2018). He is passionately involved with the development of Black Accountants and is the Patron of the Nkuhlu School of Accounting at the University of Fort Hare.

Qualifications: DCom(hc) (UFS), DCom(hc) (US), DCom (hc) (UCT), DCom (hc) (UP), DAccSci (hc) (UNISA), MBA (New York) and a BCom (UFH) © 2019 KPMG Services Proprietary Limited, a South African company and a member firm of the KPMG network o