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Garmin Dash Cam

Dash Cam is a high-definition camera that mounts to any vehicle’s windscreen. It continuously records a wide-angle view of the road while driving. Once installed, the camera remains fully automated and it will start recording when the engine is turned on and stop when it is turned off. Dash Cam has incident detection that saves footage of collisions and incidents automatically. There are two models – Dash Cam 10 without GPS and Dash Cam 20 with GPS. The rechargeable battery allows a user to use the Snapshot feature to take still images, and even remove the Dash Cam from the vehicle to capture collision damage.

Priced from R2 599 for Dash Cam 10 and R2 999 for Dash Cam 20 from all electronic outlets.

More info www.garmin.co.za/

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

The new Samsung Galaxy K Zoom blends the latest in smartphone technology with a high-definition camera, all in one slim easy-to-carry package. The Galaxy K Zoom features a 4.8” HD screen with a 20.7 MP camera and 10X zoom, along with a xenon flash. The Galaxy K Zoom is fast in every way: fast to take pictures and snappy in general use. As a portable camera it excels even in difficult lighting and as a phone it’s basically a Galaxy S5 with many of the features.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is available from Vodacom and MTN for around R7 999.

For more information go to www.samsung.com/za/

Acer Aspire U5600U All in one

Space saving and futuristic, the Acer Aspire U5600U iz the perfect desktop computer. The Acer Aspire U5600U features a 23” full HD 10 point touchscreen. Windows 8.1 is standard along with 4 GB of main memory and 1 TB of hard drive space. Premium construction and an NVidia GeForce GTX video subsystem make this all-in-one a perfect home or office workhorse.

Details and retailers go to www.acer.co.za/