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MOTORING: Honda Civic Sedan 1.5T Sport


Honda’s sporty and creative side is back with the all-new Civic sedan

This new Honda Civic sedan is not only bigger and roomier than its predecessor; it also has an unusually athletic look, especially the Sport version. The front end has a swooping grill and bonnet that incorporates the striking headlights. The lower section of the bumper is in the same high-gloss black finish as the grill. This section widens on the outer sides, which completes the sporty look up front.

The low roofline and swooping front and rear windscreen make this vehicle look more like a sports coupé than a four-door sedan. If that is not enough, the wheel arches are exaggerated while the waistline has a neat crease that runs between the doors. The rear end has a small boot section where the rear lights are exposed on either side of the boot lid. On the sport model these lights are covered by the spoiler which, I think, looks better than the exposed lights. The rear bumper is also well finished, with a bulge adding to the overall look.

Open the doors and you are welcomed to a typical Honda cabin, with large windows and a low anchored seat. The new wrap-around dashboard with its electronic display makes you feel that you are in a fighter jet instead of a motor vehicle, let alone a sedan. The leather-bound steering wheel feels good and is easy to use even when cornering hard.

The biggest change that this Civic has from all previous Hondas is that for the first time Honda has put a turbocharger onto its VTEC engine. Even though it is only a 1,5 litre, it has a fair amount of power. The turbo has minimal lag and in keeping with Honda tradition, this vehicle likes to be pushed and kept on the limit. The one thing that is disappointing, though, is there is no manual version available in South Africa and unlike its German rivals, the gearbox could be more refined.

Overall the new Civic has definitely upped the stakes and its rivals should sit up and take notice.

This new Civic embodies the sportiness that Hondas of the past were known for yet kept all the practicality with ample space for five adults and their luggage. As long as you manually manage the automatic gearbox, you can definitely have a lot of fun with this vehicle. All in all a winner in my book.

Engine – Wraith Black Badge 6,5 l  V12 Cylinder

Power – 465 kW

Torque – 870 Nm

0–100 km/H – 4,5 Seconds

Price – POA

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