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NEW GENERATION: The Branding Issue

As a New Gen CA(SA), developing your Professional Skills is as important as developing your technical skills. In business you work with people – not only numbers. To work with people you need the right Professional Skills. The underlying purpose of our four New Gen Supplements for 2009 is to help you develop your professional skills and competencies as required by SAICA: interpersonal skills; communication skills; personal skills; and organisational and management skills.

New Gen Resources

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Discover the people principles that work for you every time.
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How leaders and their employees can protect their sanity productivity from tension and turf wars.

Author’s details: Adel du Plessis CA(SA), is a qualified Authentic Image & Life Coach and Hermann du Plessis is a Business & Leadership Coach. They are both part of Therapia, a coaching, training and consulting business that is passionate about the human capital development of corporate companies and individuals through emotional intelligence, leadership development, authentic image and presence.

Korien Sander CA(SA), MPhil (Ethics), is a senior lecturer in the Unit for Professional Ethics at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School where she is responsible for ethics programmes
across the university.