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SAICA NEWS: Regional Update


Our focus this month is our SAICA Regional presidents. We ask them questions ranging from elections of their boards, challenges and successes, and their strategic roles in implementing SAICA’s vision. To view the full version of the interviews, please visit www.accountancysa.org.za.

Tim Odell ACA, CA(SA), is the Chairman of SAICA UK Region.

What is the selection criterion for the regional board?
Primarily enthusiasm and willingness to contribute something back into the profession. One of the key aspects that defines the ethos of the SAICA UK Board is the fact that “No one has ever become poor by giving”. All of the members contribute a great deal and through this, they and society, including their fellow members, are better off.

Trevor Derwin CA(SA), Northern Region.

What are the challenges and successes of your Region?
The greatest challenge in our region lies in its sheer size and diversity of members. This region represents almost half of all SAICA members and contains the economic hub of South Africa. As a result, its members range from CEOs of large multinationals to academics and sole practitioners. It contains four of the SAICA accredited universities and most of the head offices of the larger audit firms.

The great success of our region is the participation by its members in SAICA activities. Its members participate in almost all of SAICA’s key functions and play a significant role in the achievement of SAICA’s goals.

Andrea Puggia CA(SA), Southern Region.

What is the role of the Regional Council with regard to SAICA’s strategies?
The role of the regional council is to implement the strategies of the national Board at a regional level. This would clearly only apply to strategies over which we have influence. These would include: promoting the brand locally; communication with our members; executing transformation strategies; arranging networking events and enhancing stakeholder relationships.

Reuben Brussow CA(SA), Central Region.

What makes your region unique compared to the other regions?
Central region covers geographically almost half of RSA in size, but only approx 5% of the members. Members are 70% Afrikaans speaking and predominantly in the SMP environment, which is a mirror view compared to SAICA national statistics (70% members in business).

Suresh Naidoo CA(SA), Eastern Region.

What is the selection criterion for the regional council?
The Eastern Region Constitution and By-Laws make provision for the general election of members to Council. It must be noted that the Council structure is not constituency based, therefore members are elected in their personal capacities. However, we endeavour to ensure that the members that are nominated would represent a constituency, i.e. members in business, etc. Therefore, a requirement of Council is that all Council members must also be part of one of Council’s sub-committees, namely, Members in Business, Tax, Public Sector, APTEC, Small Medium Practice.