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SAICA NEWS: Regional Updates

There has been a number of enquiries from members on how exactly the structures referred to in our August article operate. In this update, we focus on the various Governing Councils and SAICA member structures that exist within the Regions, their roles and responsibilities, and how they ensure implementation of the SAICA-wide strategy.

In each of the five regions, Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and United Kingdon, a Regional Council or committee exists, the objectives of which are clearly documented in separate regional constitutions1 that include regulations on, amongst other things, Council composition, terms of office and by-laws.

The main objectives of the Councils are to promote the interests of the members and associates of the Institute resident in

each region.

Various subcommittees of Council exist, that are also governed by a terms of reference. These subcommittees report to the Regional Council.

Each of the Regional Councils are represented on SAICA’s National Board, either by each President of the Council or someone so appointed.

For any further information please contact your Regional Office or visit www.saica.co.za.  

UK Organogram

Main CommitteeExecutive CommitteeSub-CommitteeAdministritive Support
Alan Yux
Andrew Mummeryxx
Anthony Phillipsxx
Doug Clarencexx
Gary McDonaldxx
Jan-Louis van den Bergxx
Kate Goldingxx
Klaus Schottlerxx
Margo Oppermanx
Ruth Galgutx
Shane Kellyx
Suretha Jacobsx
Tammy Swannxx
Tim Odellxx
Waldo Kempx