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VIEWPOINT: Are you looking to win new business?


I have written and lectured on how to win new business for over 30 years. Never have there been so many ways to broadcast your message and gain new business. What are you doing to win new clients?

While social media seems to be the term that we currently associate with marketing, it is wise not to discard those activities that historically powered the growth of so many firms. Here are just a few well proven strategies with the potential to yield a harvest of good new business.

1.Do you have a Personal Marketing Plan (PMP?) This should include your commitment to some form of monthly marketing. I normally ask partners to commit to a minimum of 20 hours a month. Your PMP focuses on the activities you enjoy and should be set against the activities of your other colleagues. How many referrals do you plan to meet each month?

2.Ask clients for a referral, and make sure you have the prospect’s name and contact details. Extensive surveys in the UK confirm that 95% of clients are happy to recommend their accountant. Yet less than 90% have been asked. At an appropriate moment in your meetings with clients, ask this question: “Do you know anyone who needs a good (or maybe you are confident enough to say great) accountant?” Be intentional about this question – it is unlikely to just slip out.

3.Get to know your customers. Clients pay you for your services while customers (such as bankers, lawyers and wealth managers) use the information you provide for their clients. They are your customers. When did you last meet with the customers of your top 10 clients?

4.Carry a referral card with you. That differs from a business card in that it has ‘referral card’ clearly displayed on the front.

5.Specialise. People like to work with those who know their industry or who have a niche. When you specialise, also plan what you need to do to become famous in your community.

6.Stretch. Can you increase your activity and results by between 20 and 30 per cent?

7.Website – up-to-date?

8.LinkedIn – 100% ranking yet?

9.Finally, monitor activity and results. Remember you will better manage that which you monitor.


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Author: Mark Lloydbottom is an author and consultant at Mark Lloydbottom Consulting.