The cost-effective, simple and efficient solution to drive your way to a full and hassle-free travel allowance tax claim is to invest in an electronic GPS logbook

The first of March signifies the start of the new tax year and is is an important date for those who receive a travel allowance as part of their remuneration. Whether you drive a company car or use your private vehicle for business travel, if you receive a travel allowance, a detailed logbook of all business travel must be kept for the tax year between 1 March and 28 February to substantiate your travel allowance tax claim.

A logbook requires a detailed and time-consuming account of information to be recorded at all times. This is quite an undertaking, but crucial, because if SARS deems your logbook deficient in any way, you can be left with a potential tax liability.

But once you abandon the tedious, traditional pen-and-paper method and opt for the GPS logbook, high-sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software will generate a SARS-compliant logbook within minutes. Along with other amazing key features, data is safely stored electronically for more than the mandated five years on the device.

You can either rent the GPS logbook with additional features for R99 per month for a minimum contract period of 12 months, or purchase it online for R999 (VAT and delivery included). The premium customer who wants a complete solution can opt for the GPS logbook live at R1 399 and a subscription fee of R99.

Either way, you are guaranteed to cruise to a trouble-free travel allowance tax claim at the end of the 2015 tax year.

Five lucky readers can each win a GPS logbook worth R900. E-mail your details to journal@saica.co.za with ‘GPS logbook’ in the subject line.

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