Home Top 35 Profiles 2018 Top 35-under-35 Entry: Christopher Edward Commin

2018 Top 35-under-35 Entry: Christopher Edward Commin

Name: Christopher Edward Commin (35)

Region: Eastern Region

Job Title: Group Financial Manager

Years in this position: 5.5

Company Name: National Renal Care (Pty) Ltd

Entry Category: Corporate

‘I am a loving husband and father to a beautiful daughter and an extraordinary son. They make me a better me. They set the benchmark against which I measure myself and ensure that I stay true to them and myself. Family sits at the heart of all that I do,’ says Chris.

‘In healthcare services, our family includes the patients who entrust us with their care. They are a cornerstone of our values and through early detection and education, we are able to improve their lives and decrease the total cost associated with kidney failure and empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices.’

From a technical standpoint, Chris strives to provide the business with accurate and efficiently delivered financial information on which to base decisions. This information, spanning across the organisation’s 63 renal facilities, is delivered through self-developed relational databases integrating financial and operational datasets. This expedites the group budgeting process allowing the required level of granularity for future forecasting.

Next, the delivery of timely, quality financial, operational and business reporting is a strength which Chris nurtures, not only for himself but in his team as well. This focus has seen them produce high-quality reporting across the business, providing stakeholders with in-depth understanding.

Chris focuses on being a mentor to and being mentored by his colleagues. His aim is to grow their abilities in all aspects of accounting and business by providing sound direction and guidance in all matters. He hopes to play a role in the skills and knowledge colleagues gain while they’re with the business.

He strives to be innovative and develop forward-thinking solutions. An example is a mixed-reality project which visualises the operating environment of the business and its competitors in South Africa, providing one-click access to financial and non-financial information.

His five-year focus is the integration of 3D technologies into everyday financial and operational decision-making.  This is accomplished by combining the strength of Unreal Engine’s VR capabilities, logic systems, public API and visual fidelity, recreating accurate visual representations of business buildings, assets and processes – providing unprecedented business intelligence.The delivery of timely quality financial, operational and business reporting is a strength which he tries to grow, not only for himself but also in his team members. This focus has seen the team produce high-quality reporting in all aspects of the business, providing stakeholders with an in-depth understanding.