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ASA: July 2019 Issue

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The power within us

The need for good and ethical leaders has never been greater than now. Locally and internationally, there’s a leadership crisis.

No two leaders are the same, as they manage and lead in different ways, but at the forefront of your mind as a leader should always be how your leadership style and principles are influencing the people around you.

Research has shown that most successful leaders are instinctive decision-makers. Because they’ve been making decisions throughout their careers, in a way they become immune to the pressure associated with decision-making and become intuitive about the process. That is why successful leaders often say that they depend on their gut feel when they are faced with making difficult decisions.

Leaders can often be intimidating, and a key leadership attribute is therefore to deflect attention from yourself and encourage others to voice their opinions or concerns. It’s all about making others feel safe to speak out and confidently share their views.

With the recent cases of corruption and poor governance that have tarnished the integrity of the finance profession in our country, this has become even more relevant. As a leader, you have to encourage people to speak out when they don’t feel comfortable with something that is happening on your watch.

And this is how we can rebuild trust – each and every CA(SA) should rise to the challenge of being a true leader. The power lies within all of us to stand up and do what is required of us.

Do read our leadership report on page 35. Obviously leaders should do more than merely deliver performance results − they should also inspire others.

As Thomas Kgokolo, our cover profile this month, points out, CAs(SA) can make a great difference in our country. And Thomas’ ultimate goal is to be remembered as someone who gave his best to rebuild the country’s faith in business leadership.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his Sona address that as businesses and as a country, we can overcome all challenges together. So, as a CA(SA) leader, your role will become more crucial than ever − not only in being an ethical leader but also in creating a safe environment for others to be ethical.

Gerinda Engelbrecht | Editor