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VIEWPOINT: ‘Banking’ Your 2018!

South Africans are in for a ‘bank’-ride this year with at least four new banks hitting the high streets, shopping malls or just smartphones

The banking and financial services industry will probably get more attention this year than any year since the Cape Town doors of Lombaard Bank opened in 1793. And as a stakeholder this can and will impact your life and business more than you realise.

Allow me to pose two questions to you:

  • How do I want these changes to affect me and my business?
  • What can I learn from this disruption to grow my business and self?

South Africa’s innovative new banking products hopefully will outshine the South African (once-golden-child) Steinhoff headlines of 2017 and bring redemption and opportunity to South Africa’s investment market and the people that deserve it.

26 years ago, Discovery entered the insurance industry worldwide, long before the trendy ‘disruptive innovation’ had been coined and changed the way people deemed insurance. They offered their clients and members the opportunity to own and manage their own risks at a huge success.

One can only imagine how Discovery Bank again will encourage and empower its current and new client base to create healthier financial wealth through saving and spending.

Bank Zero with its AppOnly bank meaning limited costs and smartphone friendly approach is going to appeal to an already digitally addicted millennial market with great results.

With the new offerings that 2018 are presenting, I’ll be bank (window) shopping for sure.

  • Too many of you are so busy that you never really have an opportunity to sit back, plan and action. With the tough financial realities of today it is important to know that your well-earned resources and assets are utilised for your highest return of investment (time, money, life, family, hobbies, etc) and are cost effective at the same time.
  • Knowing that banks are being disrupted by individuals that come from other industries − probably succeeding at it even − what can or do you want to do but have been too scared to do or have been told you won’t make it?

Your world is changing, and you can make the most with the changes coming your way.

Let’s BANK on that!


  • If you embrace your needs, change your assumptions, revamp your limiting beliefs and (re)commit to your life and business dreams, how will you be embracing 2018?
  • Let 2018 be a year in which banking disruptive innovation brings you closer to your dreams and you ask for more changes.
  • Close the year by saying: ’Thank you, Adrian Gore, Michael Jordaan, Patrice Motsepe and Mark Barnes for empowering me and my business with your innovations.

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Stanford Payne CA(SA)
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