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February 2016

Editor’s letter

What a year has 2016 already turned out to be! Not only are we wondering what happened to the first few weeks of the year, our pockets are also much emptier and we are re-thinking that trip to Europe we planned …

With only four weeks of 2016 gone, this promises to be an eventful year. We face many challenges like further interest rate hikes, economic turmoil, and higher food prices.

The year also unfortunately also started with social media storms around racism … and it made many (if not most) of us wonder: do these comments and views still have a place in our country? And will there ever be a day that we can all live together as one nation, not divided by race or colour?

I saw a video by Prince Ea (@PrinceEA) on YouTube where he talks about the labels we give each other. We weren’t born black or white or Indian – that is a label we were given by society and we choose to wear it.

++Isn’t who we really are deeper than skin deep? Who we truly are, can be found inside us. So he asks the question: if society didn’t label you – who would you be? (Follow this link to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0qD2K2RWkc.)

As humans, we are meant to connect with and to care for each other. And maybe that should be our goal in 2016 … Let’s remove the labels that society gives us and make an effort to see others for who they really are – and not who we think they are.

At Accountancy SA we are also embarking on exciting new ventures this year. We will be launching a SAICA blog in the next few weeks (www.saicablog.co.za) where you can expect daily content updates, video interviews, podcasts, and much more. It will also be your platform for interacting directly with us. We would like to invite you to write and submit articles for publishing. When the blog is up and running we will bring you content and updates in the form of a digital app. Please watch your mailbox for more news about these exciting developments.

Gerinda Jooste

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