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The new Audi Q2 closes the gap between the A3 Hatch and Q3 SUV. It’s also Audi’s entry into a market that its closest competitors have already being filling with cars like the Mini Countryman and the Mercedes GLA.

This new car looks a lot more angular than any of its competitors, which also gives the car a rather brute stance especially in Sport package guise. Its oversized, larger brake air intakes and square light clusters with LED design complete this look. To ensure that you do realise that this is an SUV of sorts, the body is slightly raised whilst the entire lower end of the car is wrapped in grey durable plastic. This includes the wheel arches, which make the car seem higher off the ground that it actually is.

The windows seem smaller than normal and the car has a rather high hip line, which again adds to the SUV look. The C-Pillar is large, which does impede visibility but in its gloss black finish adds a finishing touch to the look. The rear end, with its short overhangs and very square light cluster, is a mix between an Audi A3 hatch, a Q3 and a VW Cross Polo. Overall this car is a looker for anyone seeking a small run-around SUV.

The interior is elegant and uncluttered, with very few buttons or controls in the centre console. The thin infotainment screen perched just above the centre console is in keeping with Audi design. Only on the test vehicle the screen was fixed and could not be closed. The clean lines and simple design make the interior look airy and makes it feel bigger than it actually is. The sporty steering wheel feels comfortable and feedback is decent when you’re in a mood of seeing what the 1,0 litre TFSi motor is capable off.

On the road the car feels smooth and gear changes are effortless. The car may not exude pulling power, but once off the line it definitely does punch above its power train.

The car is easy to drive and thanks to its small dimensions it is a synch to park.

On the whole, if you are looking for a good-looking, practical and frugal SUV, this should be on the list. It may not swallow all the luggage and definitely won’t make it off road, but for city driving with added road height to make you feel more in control, it does the job. It also does help when encountering the many speedbumps in Gauteng. A good option to keep in mind for this category of vehicle.

It’s easy to drive and unassuming, with uncompromising reliability.

  • Engine – 1,0l  3 Cylinder Turbo
  • Power – 85 kW
  • Torque – 200 N.m
  • 0–100 Km/H – 10,1 Seconds
  • Price – From R434 500.00

Author: Torque Talk is a member of SAGMJ