Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders

Author: Talita Ferreira CA(SA)

talita_1-SM“Identify what you are feeling and where you are as a leader”

As leaders, we are like a contagion. How we show up will impact our teams.

#Leadingvirtually is no different. We might be #feelingpressure and dealing with the #crisisplanning one moment at a time. It is important to show up as calm and optimistic but also realistic.

If we don’t understand where we are it will be very hard to self-lead ourselves to something different.

Follow this three-step process:

  1. Identify and acknowledge where you are
  2. Set an intention and exercise your choice to move
  3. Identify what you would rather be feeling and thinking

Identify what you are feeling and experiencing. Is it frustration, fear, anxiety, confusion, disbelief about what has happened? Acknowledge the #feelings without judging them.

Decide that you want and intend something different. Write down a few alternatives for instance, this is an #opportunity:

  • for my own and team growth or
  • to experience new connections and
  • I am not alone, I can get advice from others.

Whenever your thoughts and feelings migrate back, acknowledge them, don’t judge and #choosedifferently.

Please share what you have been feeling?

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