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*Sponsored Content: Partnering with women on their rise to the top

Investec is committed to partnering with women as they rise and is celebrating women who are at the top of their game – in business, education and sport.

Investec SouthAfrica is using this year’s International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March, tolaunch its ‘Women on the Rise’ Campaign which salutes and celebrates itsyear-round partnerships with women in business, education and sport.

For the weeksleading up to and post International Women’s Day, 10 women – from a chiefeconomist to a senior aviation finance consultant – will be sharing their expertinsights on the issues they deal with every day in the workplace. These stories,and others, can be viewed at www.investec.com/women. Thegoal, through the content, posters and twitter campaign, is to inspire the3,511 women who work at Investec to rise to the top of their game and to createawareness, among men and women, about the importance of addressing genderparity and to inspire future businesswomen.

Devina Maharaj CA(SA)

It was recently announced that two females have been appointed toInvestec’s Group Management Forum: Devina Maharaj CA(SA) (head of Digital SA)and Marle van der Walt CA(SA), who was also appointed Specialist Bank CFO. Thisbrings the number of women represented in this team to eight divisional heads*in the Investec Group Management Forum (SA).

Marle van der Walt CA(SA)

“At Investec, we are aboutcelebrating diversity and inspiring inclusion. We focus huge energy on ourculture, and gender inequality in theworkplace has always been on our agenda; culturally,individuality is essential for us to innovate and adapt. Embracing diversity andembodying inclusion is part of Investec’s culture, and one of our key values,” comments Lesley-Anne Gatter, Investec South AfricaHuman Resources head.

“And that’s what this campaignsets out to achieve. We live in a world where the 21st century workplace isfast-changing, competitive, pressurised and complex – a challenging environmentfor anyone. For women working in traditionally male-dominated industries, likebanking and investment, these challenges can be even greater. We believe that a cognitively diverse,female, representative workforce emboldens creativity; it enables potential andencourages greater contribution to our achievements. We also know that, whilewe have worked to address greater representation of women, we have more to do.”

Fani Titi, Investec joint CEO, says, “It’s encouragingto see South Africa in the top 20** of a global report of this nature, but wemust acknowledge that South Africa and Investec have some way to go. Thestate of workplace gender equality, diversity and inclusion has far-reachingeffects on everything from employee wellness and retention, to innovation andbusiness outcomes, to real connections with our clients. It’s undoubtedlysomething organisations must view with utmost importance.”

“To this end, variousprogrammes form part of Investec’s gender agenda. We are proud to announce that,in recent weeks, we have created more opportunities for women to be in moresenior positions and higher levels within the organisation. We are particularlyproud of our employee initiatives around talent mobility, full-scale wellness,more flexible-working patterns, employee empowerment and better recognitionmechanisms. We believe this will go a long way towards retaining talent,especially women who are looking to find more balance. We are hosting a numberof events and campaigns during the year to give women a voice and be true tothe organisation’s Out of the Ordinary positioning,” explains Fani.

Investec isequally invested in women from broader communities, whether in the classroom orsports field. The bank is committed to numerous education, mentorship and sportsprogrammes that help unlock brilliance, amplify confidence, and support theeconomy.

SetloganeManchidi, Investec South Africa CSI head, champions Investec’s contributionwithin society with a particular focus on education and entrepreneurship: “We offerbursaries to learners, teachers and university students and graduates, supportentrepreneurs, offer career guidance, and fund nine Promaths centres. Over thelast six years, the Promaths programme has seen 1,850 female learners benefit. These women are nowin a position to study further and some are gainfully employed, thanks to theirexceptional performances in Maths and Science.”

Through sponsored initiatives in the ‘women in sport’arena, Investec is committed to championing the conversation around gender –aimed at shining a spotlight in supporting sportswomen on their rise to the top.

“Investecsupports hockey development with the Investec Hockey Academy, which helps toproduce champions in South Africa. We partner with the St Mary’s Investec HockeyFestival, which gathers the country’s top hockey schools each year to promoteand grow South African women’s hockey. Women’s golf is bolstered by Investec throughour sponsorship of Investec South African Women’s Open and individual female golfers.We create opportunities to support women in sport to be more internationallycompetitive by creating platforms to compete with the best and help them throughbiases that stand in their way of success, such as prize money earnings,” saysDanni Dixon, Investec South Africa marketing head.

“These powerfulpartnerships with women in business, sport and education envision a world wherewomen are empowered to live their full potential and inspire the change theywant to see,” concludes Danni.

For furtherinformation, please visit www.investec.com/women.

Notesto the Editor:

*Investec South Africa head of marketing, head of digital, head of HR, headof investor relations, head of compliance, head of company secretarial and CFOfor Specialist Bank positions are all held by women.

**Globally, gender parity is improving, but too slowly. According to the2018 Global Gender Gap report, it will take a staggering 108 years for womenand men to be on completely equal footing. South Africa has for two years in arow managed to retain the 19th spot out of 144 countries assessed.

Investec ispleased that 55% of its South African workforce is currently female. Of thisnumber, 42% are leaders and 36% are in divisional management roles.

Investec wasranked 27th in the world and 4th in the UK for gender equality and reporting byEquileap in 2018. During the last two years, 51% of delegates on the DevelopingTeam Leaders’ programme and 50% of the CA Programme trainees were women.


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