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September 2009


Against All Odds

What an amazing country we live in. We might not always have thought this but, even in our darkest periods, South African men and women, against all odds, have blazoned on and made indelible marks on society, nationally and worldwide. Our political and economic triumphs are well known, and so are the sporting victories of heroes such as Oscar Pistorius, Natalie du Toit and Tshepo Mokoena. But what we seldom celebrate are the milestones acheived within individual professions.

Within our own, one significant success has been the adoption and issuing of IFRS for SMEs by the IASB. This is significant because the IASB has listened to SAICA’s comments and made many of the changes we requested. Our influence on the process has been momentous, and so we must celebrate this. Read our article on page 28.

One other significant success factor is, of course, the SA banking sector’s foresight to cope well within the financial recession we’re now experiencing. On page 20, Maria Ramos, takes us through the critical success factors and sheds some light on the banking industry.

We also celebrate trailblazers amongst our female CAs(SA). So, all in all, this issue celebrates all that our beloved country has to offer.