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Test Survey Page

Poor (1)Unsatisfactory (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)
Pre Event Administration
Registration on the day
Poor (1)Unsatisfactory (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)
Overall impression
Scope and Content
Practical Value
Poor (1)Unsatisfactory (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)
Presentation Style
Subject Knowledge
Interaction with audience
Poor (1)Unsatisfactory (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)NA
Thought leadership contribution through publications, opinion or similar pieces and research projects
Technical resources, for example guides, circulars, FAQs, newsletters, ASA magazine, recordings or similar offerings
Ongoing communication of up-to-date and relevant information, knowledge and intellectual capital through available channels such emails, social media, website or similar
Advocacy efforts to ensure fit for purpose legislation, standards and policies, effective and efficient systems in business and government and fair working conditions for members

Details to be updated: Please note that we can not change your surname, if this needs to be done, please email a copy of your ID documents and marriage/change of surname certificate to membership@saica.co.za