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VIEWPOINT: GOING MOBILE A trend taken flight


There are so many benefits to having your financial information and reports on hand whenever they are needed, that this shift has been inevitable.

Taking your business mobile is no longer just a trend; it is more efficient and more effective; in much the same way that you choose to fly rather than drive to Joburg.

In a world where time is our greatest commodity, not having access to whatever you need, when you need it, seems incredibly wasteful.

There is a reason the mobile device industry has exploded – we want everything on hand, we want it now, and, to coin Billy Connolly, ‘we want even more tomorrow!’

Having your secure real-time reports available, easily accessible and easy to understand, allows decision-makers to review whatever they need to from wherever they are and make quick, properly informed decisions.

As a business owner or senior management, having access to your financial information at all times also allows you remain in the know and in control; you are more likely to spot something that’s amiss and be able to head it off before it gets out of hand.

As human beings, we are constantly developing the way we do things to allow us to be better and faster and more efficient.

Just as transport evolved and opened the world up to us, so technology keeps evolving, allowing us to take the world with us wherever we go.

Mobile devices have made working wherever you are simple.

If you choose financial software that is designed to scale with your business and adjust to ever-changing technologies, you will be able to take advantage of deeper business capabilities and insights.

Don’t let those brave enough to take a plane leave you in their shadow as they soar overhead.

Author: Kevin Phillips CA(SA) is Managing Director of idu Software