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VIEWPOINT: People Planet Profit

PPP is a term that was penned in the 1990s and is also known as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’

It accounts for:

– People: social responsibility

– Planet: environmental responsibility

– Profit: economic value after inputs and all costs of capital.

Why Important?

The foundation of the breakdown is that you only pay attention to what you can measure. And if you can measure it you can account for the impact.


You live in a time of unprecedented change with real opportunities and challenges and the impacts of decisions are felt immediately across the globe. Poverty, dramatic increase in world population, unstable climate patterns, limited natural resources, deforestation of life-supporting eco-systems, a very fragile economy, extincton of species and low confidence in business are everyday real topics. If enough is not done it will only get worse. And what will be left for future generations?


Around the globe social and sustainable practises are gaining more attention as a form of investment and growth. The growth opportunities are rapidly being embraced and the gold rush is on. Is your organisation embracing these new opportunities?

The Future

Where can your organisation and you start? Master the challenge to monitor and calculate the values of each of the three bottom lines and act.


People – pay fair salaries, don’t support suppliers known for using child labour, create safe and enjoyable working spaces and give back by contributing to the strength and growth of your immediate community

Planet – manage your energy consumption, reduce, reuse and recycle

Profit – maximise profit by using both People and Profit as criteria in every decision and embrace Fair Trade products, even if it is at a cost.

The Challenge

Most struggle to balance their priorities and ambitions – the ultimate pursuit of personal and business success – while also seeking to make and leave the world a better place. The challenge is to bring issues of sustainability to the heart of every business.

PPP demands the attention, vision and courage of business leaders and managers across all organisations globally to free business from the current negative spirals of a failing world and to embrace and inspire a new spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation through which all of us can prosper.

Will you step up and be the change? Welcome to the dawn of a new business world. It is no longer just about doing good, it is about a responsibility to do good! ❐

Author: Stanford Payne CA(SA) is an ICF Accredited Executive and Business Coach.