A 2013 study by the University of Oxford predicts that there is a 94% chance that accountants and auditors will no longer be needed less than 20 years from now … With the change in economics, more profit is needed in less time. To allow for this, productivity has to reach unparalleled levels. Unfortunately you and me, as humans, can only do so much.

Every day you hear of new super computers that are cleverer than before, even than you. They have access to more data in five minutes than you could possibly have in your lifetime. Is it possible to compete with them? Should you? Can you use them to assist your business?

With the pace of technology change and more automation, old jobs will be lost forever, but new needs will bring new jobs. With changes in the marketplace your children will potentially be training for something that either no longer exists when they finish or decide to create something that does not yet exist when they done. The new needs will look vastly different from those that are replaced. The career space will be exciting if you are prepared for the change and embrace it.

Crises demands opportunities. Relational and emotive occupations like yoga instructors, coaches and therapists will be in demand compared to the lawyers and estate agents of old, all supported by the sharing community-driven economy.

Will you be the driver or passenger in this journey? Your kids have time to get ready. But truth be told, they already more ready than you will ever be.

What should you do to be more ready? Does this affect the way you run your business today? How can you utilise your specialist skills to have that edge in this new market? When do you decide to focus on getting prepared? Where should your new paradigms be shifting towards? Do you need to re-evaluate your future quality of life?

Boosting your skills and being flexible is key to survival in this age of technology.

To conquer, continued personal and professional development will not be negotiable and to ace, will require new mindsets with more determination in an unfamilar landscape.

Will you lead, or follow?

Author: Stanford Payne CA(SA) is an ICF-accredited executive and business coach