Ever hear the phrase “Trying to solve for one problem, creates another”

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Working from home to reduce COVID 19 infection rate has created another – AN ENDLESS WORKING DAY!

With the unwinding of Lockdown, most people will still be advised to work from home.
Having to sit for more than 8 hours a day in meetings is wrong for so many reasons:




  1. Most likely you do not have nice office ergonomic chairs to sit on – lower back problems could result.
  2. You need a break to rest, use the bathroom, eat, hydrate yourself.
  3. Think of the effect on your eyes of being in front of a screen / mobile device for more than 8 hours.
  4. Then there is the long-term impact of electromagnetic effect and radiation from use of cell phones / mobile devices / laptops and other electronic gadgets
  5. The constant “PING” “PING” “PING” of alerts from emails, cell phone messages, Whatsapp text, meeting reminders…your brain needs a rest from this noise


You might be working from home to protect your health from ONE CONCERN and creating a host of other issues whilst doing so.

  1. Post-Lockdown consider:
  2. Having shorter meetings.
  3. Blocking off your diary for scheduled breaks.
  4. Have at least 30 minutes between electronic online meetings to give your mind a rest and to reflect on the previous conversation before going into the next.
  5. [You insert your own points]

All the best to you and your scheduling post-lockdown. Please look after your health in MORE WAYS than AVOIDING A VIRUS.

Author: Dineshrie Pillay