By advertising in ASA you expose yourself to South Africa’s highest paid professionals. CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners, MDs and Boards of Directors, make up this dynamic group of core business leaders who collectively spend in excess of R108 billion annually on lifestyle purchases. The CA(SA)
designation enjoys an enviable standing in terms of recognition and
reputation in the local and international arena. CAs(SA) form one of the
most lucrative market segments in South Africa:

– 75% of Chief Financial Officers of the JSE top 200 are CAs(SA)
– 32% of Directors of the JSE top 200 are CAs(SA)
– 32% of Chief Executive Officers of JSE top 40 are CAs(SA)
– JSE top 40 companies where the CEOs are CAs(SA) financially
outperform those that are not headed by CAs(SA)
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1. Our audience forms one of the most lucrative market segments in South Africa. They often have remuneration packages in excess of R1.5 million per annum, which gives them an LSM10.

2. That’s not only where their wealth lies: 72% also own unit trusts, 38% own them offshore and 21% have more than one home.

3. This captive market has the highest professional and personal buying power in the country

4. CAs(SA) approximate spending per annum on business-related purchases and leasing is over R150 billion.

5. The CA(SA) is the highest paid designation in the country as per the Robert Walters recruitment salary survey.

6. More than 75% of our members go on regular business (and personal) trips locally and overseas.

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