Reach business decision-makers

Did you know that more than 75% of the CFOs or FDs listed on the JSE hold a CA(SA) designation? And on average SA’s listed businesses have 2,4 CAs(SA) on each board of directors.

So if you want to reach these business decision makers who spend more than R130 billion on lifestyle purchases, this is where you can do it. By advertising on SAICA platforms, you can expose your brand to these business leaders and get access to the country’s highest paid professionals. It is no doubt that CAs(SA) form one of the most lucrative market segments in South Africa.

High Reach

Reach almost 60 000 business professionals and decision makers.

Maximised Distribution

Accountancy SA and SAICA newsletters reach all these professionals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Targeted Messaging

Various options on various channels available.

Available Options

Accountancy SA Magazine

Accountancy SA Website

SAICA Website


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