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August 2015


A catalyst for change

They say that there are two ways to change the world – with the pen (the use of ideas) and the sword (the use of power). Quite understandably, it has been proven that using ideas to foster change is more effective than using the sword.

While change is not as simple as merely using a pen or a sword, as a business leader you can be the catalyst of change by introducing ideas and concepts with the aim of rewiring the brains of people carrying the sword.

Being creatures of habit, the secret to your success will not necessarily lie solely in offering ideas, but in the manner in which they are introduced. Because we all know that it is in human nature to resist change rather than to embrace it – be it a minor modification or a radical innovation, even when the change is seen as positive, or even sought.

Why do so many fear change? One of the reasons is that we get comfortable in the way we do things. And when something forces us out of our comfort zone it makes us feel uneasy. Winston Churchill once said: ‘A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.’ There is always something valuable that can be derived out of difficulty, adversity or change; we just have to look for it with open minds and see it as an opportunity to make a difference.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a difference – read through the articles in this issue. Start doing something that’s aligned with your passion, if not in business, then in the social sectors. If you can’t find one, start one. And then lead it – through great management – to deliver great results and to make such an impact that you multiply your own impact thousand-fold.

In this issue we show you how twelve women initiated change in their lives by taking small steps at first and then building on that through consistent hard work and determination to reach their goals in some way or another. And also be inspired by the ideas and young leaders we profile as finalists of the Top 35-under-35 competition.

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change. As Steve Jobs said, ‘The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.’

Gerinda Jooste


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