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May 2012

Are we fit for purpose

We start a new bi-monthly column this month, penned by political analyst, Eusebius McKaiser, and in this month’s column he poignantly asks if our state is fit for purpose.

Does the state have adequate tools and skills to successfully implement its policies? We have posed this question many times before and have asserted that the solutions lie partly in corporate SA getting more involved in terms of building capacity and investing resources, but the crucial involvement is in every one of us taking greater interest in what happens around us. Local governance is where our country’s economic strength lies.

Service delivery and fair labour practice drives stability, which in turn encourages better foreign sentiment, which impacts directly on foreign investments.

We need to start identifying pockets of success throughout our economic and political systems and processes, and duplicating these across the areas where we have delivery gaps. The concern should be to pick up the local economy and drive innovation and growth within our municipalities.

If we encourage local municipalities to create jobs, rather than send out tenders for road works, for instance, does this not encourage growth of the local economy, create much needed jobs and nurture and develop local skills?

Does this not encourage greater community involvement, ensure local political stability and create an environment fit for foreign direct investment on a greater scale?