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October 2013

September marked the onset of spring and South Africa’s Heritage month, celebrated through arts and culture events around the country. As South Africans we are blessed with a beautiful natural heritage rooted in our plethora of natural beauty and resources. Our diverse cultures are woven into a colourful mosaic of human heritage deeply informed by practices and traditions that were passed on to us over the generations.

People learn and are influenced by experiences, places and people around them. Our country is rich in the oral tradition of storytelling as generation after generation glean rich culture from folk lore – stories that transmit ideas about life and living and shared customs, traditions and memories, passed on from parents to children. Does this make you wonder about your own heritage?

In his book Angle of repose, American historian Wallace Stegner writes: “Before I can say I am, I was … Am or was, I am cumulative too. I am everything I ever was. I am much of what my parents, especially my grandparents were: inherited stature, colouring, brains, bones, plus transmitted prejudices, culture, scruples, likings, moralities and moral errors that I defend as if  they were personal and not familial.”

Moses Kgosana, who features on our front cover this month, tells how his personal accomplishments were achieved through arduous toil and perseverance. During the early years of his education, he alternated days of school and work with his brother in order to tend the family farm.

From Standard four (Grade Six) onwards he paid entirely for his own education and text books through casual jobs, studying mostly part time to get a matric and university education through UNISA. Today he is the CEO of KMPG and manages a team of more than 260 partners.

How does he do it? He attributes it to staying humble and building teams that are diverse and balanced. And Kgosana is passionate about giving back and leaving a heritage to others.

As a Chartered Accountant (SA) your designation should represent the essence of what you stand for. As a true business leader, show the world that everything you do is filtered through SAICA’s values and stringent ethical code of Integrity, Professionalism, Diligence, Accountability and Dedication.

Let the heritage you leave behind not only define you, but also set you apart as an authentic South African business leader – by staying true to yourself and your designation.

Author: Gerinda Jooste

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