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SAICA NEWS – SAICA’S 2010 annual subscriptions


Annual subscription fees for 2010 were due on the 31st January 2010 and all resignations needed to be submitted to SAICA in writing before 31st January. Please note that no late resignations will be permitted. To view the schedule of the 2010 subscription fees, check your account balance or to make a payment, please log onto the SAICA website at www.saica.co.za.

Alternatively EFT payments can be made directly into our Nedbank Account-1284023230. Branch-128402 and proof of payment faxed to (011) 621 6821. All unpaid accounts will be subject to penalties for late payment after 28 February 2010. For fee queries/account balances please email debtors@saica.co.za.

Trainee assessment
Online Trainee Assessment System Incorporating the SAICA 2010 Training Model

The effective assessment of trainee accountants is a business imperative not only for the training office or firm, but a career development necessity for any prospective CA(SA).

With the introduction of the SAICA 2010 training model, the trainee assessment process for all trainees registering from January 2010 will need to be amended to accommodate the requirements of the 2010 training model.

With this significant change in mind, SAICA called for proposals to develop an electronic assessment tool which accommodates the 2010 training requirements.

We selected the LTS platform as the preferred supplier of the SAICA electronic assessment system.

The features and benefits of the system include:

• An internet system: This facilitates ease of access.
• Offline enablement: Reviews can be conducted offline and updated later.
• User profiles: Separate profiles are created for different participants in the process.
• Security: All access is kept confidential through password protection.
• Independence: Learners and reviewers can independently complete performance reviews before comparing results and reaching conclusions.
• Processes work flow efficiently: The system automatically notifies participants of significant events that need to be tracked and recorded.
• Cohesive documentation: All documents are cohesively integrated.
• Clarity of process and fairness: Learners have the ability to disagree with assessors.
• Time stations and audit ability: All transactions are date, time and user indicated to ensure integrity of the system.
• Ease of navigation: The simple navigation format facilitates ease of access to navigation.
• Powerful reporting functionality: As all information is stored in one location, all information is accessible to produce and manage reports and to monitor the status of PR’s including the SAICA moderation report.
• Full history: A comprehensive database of all transactions related to all trainees is retained.

The SAICA 2010 trainee assessment tool facilitates the effective management of the trainee assessment process on an electronic platform which automatically updates all future training requirements.

To find out more about the SAICA 2010 trainee assessment system, go to www.saica.co.za.

The SAICA 2010 trainee assessment system is an efficient and effective solution to administering trainee assessments which provides value for money and saves training officers significant time and resource requirements so they can effectively manage the process and meet all SAICA requirements.

What activities constitute CPD?
The following are examples of Verifiable CPD: workshops, courses; attending conferences; attending technical meetings, developing new systems or processes, presenting information to others, on-the-job training, mentoring or being mentored, industry-related published articles, committee work and in-house presentations on products. Action-based learning relates to the following: further qualifications, Web-based learning/training, CPD discussion groups, ASA verifiable CPD, and Integritax CPD.

Examples of non-verifiable CPD are: the reading of business sections in newspapers and of professional journals, perusing web pages, watching technical DVDs and completing self-study courses.

I am a new member of SAICA; how does CPD apply to me?
All new members of SAICA must comply with the organisation’s CPD requirements. For example, if you join SAICA in 2009 you will need to start recording CPD from 1 January 2010 and your first three-year rolling cycle will be from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012.

SAICA assistance
Members of SAICA can obtain assistance with CPD recording by calling 08610 72422 or +27 11 621 6600. Visit www.saica.co.za to record your CPD regularly. You may email cpd@saica.co.za with any queries.