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VIEWPOINT: Thinkers and doers

There are two types of people in the world – thinkers and doers. Which one are you?”

Thinkers are open to new ideas and concepts and are constantly thinking outside the box trying to improve or change the way things are done. On the other hand, to be blunt, they don’t always have balls. Fear robs them from converting to action and reality. They tend not to live up to their potential.

Doers get things done. They take chances and move forward no matter what. They don’t like change. They get easily distracted and can end up wandering off the beaten track.

If a business only had thinkers, it would be a research-lab or think-tank. With doers only, the business eventually would run itself out of business as it never changed or created new offerings. Businesses need both ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ and anything in-between to succeed.

So, to really be ahead of your game be a ‘visual thinker’ and a ‘reflective doer’ at the same time. Make your thinking visible to be more concrete and real and possible to learn from and talk about for others. Be reflective in doing as it brings wisdom, saves time and develops your sense of introspection that goes beyond merely thinking or talking or understanding. This reflection links your performance to your true potential. Great success = mind of the thinker + balls of a doer (clever ideas with strategy back-up).

How to get balls and think at the same time?

Step 1  Do your own SWOT analysis.

Step 2  Identify from the results your ‘thinking-’ and ‘doing-person’ realities.

Step 3  Decide on specific goals where you want your ‘thinking-‘ and ‘doing-person’ to be by what date.

Step 4 Develop a strategy and plan attain your goals.

Step 5 Get an accountable person (maybe a coach) to assist you in mastering your goals.

Step 6 Challenge yourself along the way.

Step 7 Celebrate your win!

Some ideas to become better at thinking and doing are: ask ‘why’ and ‘when’ a lot; consider alternative points of view and challenge your preferences; take long showers and walks for moments of insight and daydream for more creativity; think about thinking and engage in introspection (arguably the most important tool of all); grow balls and as the Nike slogan goes, JUST DO IT!; surround yourself with great doers and copy their actions and successes and learn from their failings.

Be the best thinker and the best doer because the result makes the difference between an average person and an exceptional success. ❐

Author: Stanford Payne CA(SA)