CPD: The new rational purpose requirement

The purpose of this article is to inform sustainability assurance practitioners (SAPs) of the impact that the new rational purpose requirement could have on assurance practices in South Africa. It also explains the process that SAICA will follow to assist SAPs to prepare them for this impact. Read the full CPD article here.

Advice: Blockchain-based Auditing and Accounting

Blockchain technology is fundamentally an accounting technology. It has the potential to bring foundational change to audit and accounting practices. Audit work is often plagued by the duplication of efforts and requires extensive manual processes and reconciliations. All this is about to change with blockchain technology. Read the full article here.

Educationalists: Shaping young minds

South Africa may indeed struggle with one of the poorest education systems in the world, but there are educators out there who are doing all they can to make to motivate youngers to defy of failure and embrace mind-sets of integrity, innovation and success. These six dymanic educators answer the question they are often asked:…