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September 2010



Never before has the perception of Africa, and especially South Africa, been more positive than during the 2010 world cup. First time foreign visitors to our shores were perhaps jolted into a reality we’ve long lived with. Our infrastructure proved world-class, our local judicial processes worked so well even the Hilton entourage wasn’t immune to the laws of the land. Crime was well contained, local business boomed, and the Gautrain made an impressive debut. I’m sure those deep dark Africa stereotypes are being shattered, away in every corner of the globe. And, perhaps, for the first time ever, doing business with and in South Africa has taken on a new global perspective.

Our economy might not be as vast as the European or American economies, but the scope of our vision, influence in Africa, innovation, business success, challenges and risks, are virtually universal strengths. This we prove as we tackle the challenges faced by CFOs. We highlight the challenges faced by CFOs across the globe and speak to local CFOs about the risks and challenges they face here at home. And, while Africa and South Africa might present its own unique set of challenges, the DNA of the CFO is universal.